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Jewellery valuation is a process of appraisal involving the assessment of a piece of jewellery against a set of recognised standards and research. LFL Valuation Services which is based in the West Coast of Scotland offer Independent consultations.

At LFL Valuation Services we offer a professional independent jewellery valuation service direct to the public using our convenient home visit service. Our objective is to offer an informed stress-free consultation in confidence in the comfort of the clients own home. As an alternative we also offer a secure mail service. In addition we work with retailers across Scotland and offer services to select trade clients.

We provide honest and objective high quality jewellery valuations. All types of jewellery, watches and gemstones are within our area of expertise. Purchasing advice is also available. Items valued are photographed and catalogued before being presented in a documented and certificated report.

We don't see location as a drawback - valuations can be done across the country via multiple methods, in Glasgow and Edinburgh, as well as through retailers throughout the country. Home visits and secure postal valuations make the experience as convenient as possible.

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What does it involve?

Find out why you should have your jewellery valued, and what documentation you should expect to receive.

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Private Valuations

We offer a comprehensive, independent professional jewellery valuation service direct to members of the public, using our home visit service.  Our aim is to make your consultation an easy and stress free experience.

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Our service is available through quality jewellers. We carry out jewellery valuations in store, if it is more convenient for you. You will receive exactly the same report that you would receive if you came directly to us.



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